Tree Planting

Since 2007, Joia has planted a tree in the Atlantic Rainforest for every online order received.


Joia was created in 2004 with the intention of supporting rainforest conservation in the Atlantic and Amazon rainforests of Brazil. Our founder first visited these regions in 1997 and spent four years living in Atlantic rainforest regions with an eye on ways to lend a hand to this dwindling ecosystem. After a stint back in the US working with açaí, he returned to live in Brasil in 2002 and travelled to the Amazon, where he visited açaí harvesters and began to learn about other rainforest ingredients that, like açaí, provide an economic incentive for the local people to preserve the forest in order to harvest its natural gifts.

In our commitment to preservation, we decided in 2007 to donate $1 of every online order to The Nature Conservancy to plant a tree in the Atlantic Rainforest. To learn more about their project, or the Atlantic Rainforest, click here.