“Joia products are a part of my daily life…the soothing nature of the Ipanema Lip Balm and the Avocado-Ginger Soap feel healing to both my skin and to the environment”
T.L., Nashville, TN

“I love your products. One of the best aspects of Joia body care is that I find your ingredients to be extremely moisturizing. I live in a relatively arid climate, and when I use your soap in the shower, my skin is so nourished afterward that I don’t even need to use lotion on my skin! Thanks!”
E.A., Boulder, CO

“I love you guys! Your products are absolutely fantastic.”
E.J., Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to tell you how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE the body washes. They make me feel like i am (truly!) taking a shower in the midst of a jungle – embalmed by mossy, floral, mineral earth and GREEN smells. They are lovely – thank you so much.”
T.W., Boulder, CO

“I am a soap kind of gal because it is almost impossible to find a shower gel sans all the chemicals. When I found your site I decided to give your body wash a try.
I am so happy that I did it felt so silky and luxurious. I used the Yerba Mate-Guarana Body Wash and the scent added another dimension to make my morning shower a beautiful experience. At first I found the scent of the Body Butter a little unusual and not too sure if I would like it but I decided to try it. Great decision it has left my skin feeling silky soft and the smell of the Butter has settled to a gentle extremely pleasing aroma.
My daughter always uses a shower gel and was totally amazed at how different the Acai-Guarana Body Wash felt on her skin. Her major observation was how easily it washed off her skin unlike any other shower gel she has used.
Thank you for your great products.”
B.M., Tampa, FL