About Joia


Jóia: a word used in Brazil to convey a sense of well-being or harmony

Founded in 2003 after numerous years spent in the Atlantic and Amazon rainforests of Brazil, Jóia was created with the intention of supporting sustainable rainforest practices while sharing unique and nourishing tropical ingredients. Our founder was originally drawn to Brazil for the music and culture, but found himself equally captured by the beauty and fragility of the rainforests. After working briefly with organic chocolate and açaí, he returned to the Amazon in 2003 and discovered other botanical ingredients (such as babaçu oil, cupuaçu butter, and buriti oil) which are harvested in harmony with rainforest conservation. The pure nourishing qualities of these ingredients combined with the potential social and environmental effects inspired the creation of Joia Botanicals.

Jóia Philosophy

Keep it simple!

Joia products are simple by nature. We start with premium rainforest botanicals and blend them with pure organic ingredients.

The best way to preserve healthy skin is to use natural ingredients. And we source the Brazilian rainforests, 2 of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, for the most nourishing ingredients to preserve youthful skin. And the best part? Buying these products supports rainforest conservation by supporting the communities that harvest the ingredients and providing a real economic incentive to preserve the (dwindling) rainforest.

Jóia Quality

Pure ingredients for healthy skin

Knowing that our bodies absorb a significant amount of what we put on our skin, we feel it is wise to utilize the natural ingredients provided by the earth.

Joia Botanicals products are made with premium moisturizing rainforest oils and butters, organic base oils, and all-natural botanical scents. We use no synthetic ingredients, no artificial fragrances, and no parabens. Nothing but the natural oils, butters, and scents provided by nature. The lush rainforests of Brazil contain an abundance of unique botanical oils which are rich in nutrients beneficial to your skin, with natural skin-nourishing, skin-toning, and anti-aging properties.

All-natural ingredients…….Natural tropical scents…….Supporting communities and the preservation of the natural rainforest environment.

Good for you skin, Good for the environment.


Biodegradable and Recycled Materials
Joia soaps are wrapped in 100% recycled paper. Just one vertical wrap per bar to minimize packaging and to minimize waste.

Our body butters are now packaed in biodegradable paper jars! These containers are made of 100% paper (90% recycled, 80% post consumer recycled material). The special paper liner (which limits oils from penetrating the paperboard) is also recyclable and biodegradable. The glue we use is a water based, not solvent based, and paper mills can easily process our tubes with the quality and quantity of glue we use in the package.

Joia is committed to searching for the most ecologically sensitive packaging solutions as the technologies continue to improve and our company grows. Stay tuned for new developments.